Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's been too long!

So, Ammon and I have been a little crazy these past weeks and are now just settling in to somewhat of a normal life. Look forward to some good wedding pics soon!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Engagement

Every girl at one time or another wonders what her engagement will one day be like. She ponders the mood, feelings, place, time and even the date it will happen from a young age. I mean, I looked forward to it and often made up romantic stories of how everything would pan out perfectly as he presented a 5 carrot diamond and swept me away on a white horse as we rode off into the sunset.
Now that it has happened, it's not "I wonder what it will be like..." it's " this is how it was." This realization has lead me to the point of no return. I no longer have to wonder how it's going to be, because it already is. OH man! my wedding day will come and go and it will no longer be what will happen it will be what did happen. Children will one day come and it will no longer be what will happen but what has happened! life just zooms by and sometimes it comes so much faster than expected.
With that prelude... the engagement that did happen, I loved. Ammon took me, blindfolded, to a little place that was special to us (the top of a water tower at the Murray Cemetery, I know). He had candles burning, hot cocoa, and a blanket. He knelt down and popped the big one. I obviously said yes. he opened the ring box and it was empty. It really didn't surprise me that Ammon had some kind of trick up his sleeve.
About a month earlier, Ammon told his mom and me that he was going to propose to me with a hamster. He would take me to a nice restaurant, tie the ring around the neck of a hamster and on his cue, after dessert I suspect, he would get down on one knee and simultaneously his hamster would walk out and present the ring. Both his mother and I looked at each other and tried, very hard I might add, not to laugh too hard in front of him.
Anyway, to get on with the story, the ring box was empty. I looked at him puzzled and he stared back with a smirk on his face. All of the sudden, out from behind him strolls a little mechanical hamster with the ring tied to his neck.
To say the least I dreamed of that moment for years. I thought for sure I would be emotional. I thought for sure I would be warm and it would be during the sunset on a beach in the Bahamas... but I guess reality really can be better than dreams sometimes.